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MR.GREEN Nagelhautzange: Präzisions-Maniküreschere

MR.GREEN Nagelhautzange: Präzisions-Maniküreschere

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Markenname: MR.GREEN
Anzahl der Teile: Eine Einheit
Material: Edelstahl
Modellnummer: Mr-1038
Artikeltyp: Nagelhautschere

Die MR.GREEN Nagelhautzange-Maniküreschere ist von professioneller Qualität und zeichnet sich durch überragende Robustheit und Schärfe für präzises Trimmen aus. Sein Doppelfederdesign verringert die Ermüdung der Hand und macht es zur idealen Wahl für den längeren Einsatz. Perfekt zum Trimmen überwucherter Nagelhaut und Nagelnägel.

Nagelhautschere der Mr-1038-Serie
1. Die fortschrittliche deutsche Seiko-Schärfkantentechnologie sorgt dafür, dass die Klinge langlebig und scharf ist und die kleine Nagelhaut leicht abschneiden kann.
2. Angemessener Winkel des schrägen Klingendesigns, gutes ergonomisches Design, hervorragendes Trimmerlebnis;
3. Edelstahl in medizinischer Qualität, rostfrei und langlebig scharf, einzelne Gabelfeder und Bogengriff, mit ausgezeichnetem Handgriff.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
7 Star ✌️✌️✌️

I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible speed and quality of the packaging. Within a mere 2-3 days, a robust cardboard box, securely sealed with tape, arrived at my doorstep. Inside, I found a smaller box meticulously cushioned for protection. Everything arrived intact and presented beautifully. A heartfelt thank you to the seller for their attention to detail.

Now, onto the tongs. These were exactly what I was searching for – equipped with small (about 5mm) thin and razor-sharp blades. They effortlessly navigate to precise locations, ensuring a seamless and imperceptible cut. The blades exhibit stability without any wobbling, closing smoothly and seamlessly. Working with them is an absolute pleasure.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and functionality of these tongs. I wholeheartedly recommend them for purchase. Witnessing the seller's dedication reflected in both the meticulous packaging and swift delivery, I'm inclined to explore more offerings from their store. (Regretfully, I can only award five stars for this outstanding experience).

Elena Makkhyu
Excellent choice

Best nippers ever! I even went ahead and ordered some tweezers from this same brand. LOVE!

John T.
Complete and Convenient!

I am a licensed nail tech. These are the best nippers I’ve purchased on this app. At this price point these stand up against the amazing and precise nippers sold by Russian retailers. They are VERY sharp

Chris Wilkinson

I prefer to do my own nails and I have been buying Tweezerman cuticle nippers for at least 20 years. I thought they were the best on the market. HA! Tweezerman nippers are now awkward to hold without digging into my holding hand (design has changed) and the nippers always arrive dull. Frequently over the past few years I've had to return the Tweezerman nippers because the cutting portions didn't even meet/make contact on both sides. The MR. GREEN NIPPERS ARE FANTASTIC! They are comfortable to hold, ergonomic, broad contact area yet easily manage a small site, and sharp, precise cuticle nipping. AND they were considerably less expensive than Tweezerman. I'm sold on Mr. Green. I plan to order another pair to keep in reserve just in case I can't find another pair later.

Cuticle savior!

I have the worst habit of picking and pulling at hang nails and my cuticles. My poor fingers are left torn and painful. I’ve owned a few nippers and learned you have to have a very good one to get the job done. These nippers are exactly it. They arrived well packaged with a protective tip cover. You can feel the heaviness and great quality. It is smooth and easy to use. The squeeze resistance is just right and the sharpness is very precise in removing these unwanted hangnails or cuticles. I am very happy with this product.